Vlado Jaksic, Trainer

Vlado has 15+ years of experience as a basketball trainer in both U.S. and Europe.  As a player and student of the game of basketball since the age of 9 through his 2nd year at North Park University, he has experienced not only the successes, but the daily struggles of becoming a better player and teammate combined with relentless desire and work ethic that helped to transform him into a trainer specializing in long term player development (encompassing not only on and off the court work, but overall fitness and athleticism).  Vlado possess an unique ability in leveraging each player's special talents for not only their own individual benefit but for the team as well. He understands the fundamentals of the game, and what sets him apart is his ability to integrate the diverse philosophies of basketball stemming from Europe and the USA into one coherent and effective whole that supercedes any individual approach.