Mental Preparation

Mental preparation consists of employing sports psychology planning, consulting, tools and techiques which aid an athlete in developing her "mental skills".  These training sessions are an indispensable and differentiating aspect of an athlete's holistic performance.  The Flow Sport Psychology Consultant works with an athlete in a one-on-one setting offering counseling in the following areas. Each consulting session is 50 minutes at the cost of $75 per session.


Assess your mental strengths and weakness as an athlete.  You need to know where you stand and what you need to do to improve your mental approach to the game.  Click here to take the Mental Inventory Quiz.

Guide your goal setting.  Our Sport Psychology Consultant will help you create a vision for success and create a master plan to help avoid the many challenges and potential wrong turns in a sport career.

Work better with your support staff.  You need productive working relationships with the key people who support you in your sports such as your parents, coaches, trainers, teammates and anyone else who can help you.

Learn more from you coaches. You need to know your learning style and how to communicate that to your coach so that you can work better as a team.

Enhance your mental readiness.  You must know how to prepare mentally and emotionally in your sport. Our Sport Psychology Consultant will help you devise a customized mental readiness plan for lessons, practices and competitions.

Learn how to motivate yourself.  You need a combination of instrinc and extrinsic motivation. Our Sport Psychology Consultant will help you achieve this delicate blend.

Enter the Zone. The zone is the master key to your performance success. Our Sport Psychology Consultant will show you how to get there more often.


Please contact us @ Flow Sport Psychology Consultant to learn more and set up an initial discussion.