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Flow Developmental Building Blocks

Our developmental building blocks were carefully crafted to take a holistic approach to teaching girls how to fully integrate and engage their physical and mental skills, both as individuals and part of a team. Over time, our athletes learn about the skills and leadership necessary to be successful in the game—and through the game, in life—by teaching why as well as how, and through productive, actionable confidence-building feedback.

Flow Basketball’s highly qualified coaching staff is carefully selected and trained in our unique building blocks.


Developmental: Grades 1-5

Intermediate: Grades 6-8

High School

Offense & Defense

Shooting form with footwork
Ball handling with both hands
Developing the weak hand
Driving on both sides of the basket
Shooting off catch & dribble
Different ways of passing
Correct defensive stance
Advanced drives & moves to the basket
Change of direction
Shooting off multiple moves
Craftiness in finish
Classic situations (pick & roll, give & go) offense and defense
1-on-1 in various situations
Understanding help defense
Advanced work on skill combinations with high repetition & game intensity
Resolving complex on-court situations
Finishing the play through contact
Shooting off catch & dribble
Mid-range offensive game
Defensive intensity

Basketball IQ

Understanding timing & spacing
Squaring up to the basket
Triple threat
Continue timing/spacing
Movement to be an offensive threat at all times
Awareness of time & score
Understanding the different individual & team defenses
Awareness of what’s occurring on the court
Going with the flow of the game
Unwavering focus & concentration on “right now” and moving on to the next play

Mental Toughness & Team Connectedness

Dialogue & feedback among coach/players
Learning to be a supportive, encouraging teammate
Creating goals (short/long-term)
Understanding strengths, weaknesses, & path to self-improvement
Understanding how to make teammates better
Handling pressure
Balancing increasing workouts with school and social lives
Preparing to perform at your best individually and as a team