It’s not just about teaching the right skill at the right time. It’s about how it’s taught. It’s taking the time to break things down. And the time to build them up. It’s seeing every detail. And the full picture they form. It’s where individual meets team, Where theory meets practice, Where mind meets body. It’s Flow Basketball. And it’s time to Find Your Flow.


Our promise is to develop successful and joyful high school basketball players who learn over time how to fully integrate and engage their physical and mental skills, capabilities and preparation. Founded in 2012, Flow Basketball bring... LEARN MORE


Purpose & Approach Basketball is a complex, high-skill sport.  We believe that dedication to individual skill development is vital to becoming a successful basketball athlete.  To that end, Flow offers year round training classes w... LEARN MORE


In General  Flow Basketball Academy offers travel teams during all four (4) seasons of the year (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) competing at different levels. The travel teams will practice one to two night(s) per week in one of the Lat... LEARN MORE


Summer Camps 2018 Summer Camps for 2018 are underdevelopment.  Twoo weekely sessions will be offered July 16-20 and July 23-27.   Each camp session is 5 days, 2 hours per day.  The time is carefully designed to fit various skill... LEARN MORE